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Correct Breathing

Best Way of Breathing

When you run, you get out of breath. This is normal. Your body needs oxygen. When you start to exercise, whether running or doing any other physical activity, your muscles need more oxygen. The body meets this need by supplying oxygenated blood to the muscles.

Most sources report many runners take two steps as they inhale and two more steps as they exhale. When running slowly, they might take three steps between inhaling and three steps between exhaling. When running faster, a runner then might take two steps before inhaling and only one step as exhaling.

If you are not following this rhythm exactly, don't worry about it. Adjusting the breathing pattern will not make you run better.

Mouth or Nose Breathing?

Most runners breathe through both. Open the mouth slightly and relax the jaw. Oxygen will get to your blood and muscles without a lot of thought. Breathing is a very natural activity.

Good luck breathing

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