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All the shoes were available near the end of 1998, Any weights that are mentioned are for men's size 9. Sizes listed are women's models unless they are unisex.

Adios 2U: $70 racing .
The Adios has excellent midsole cushioning for a racing shoe, yet is light enough (9 oz.) to get a weight savings. The three stripes are integrated into the laces for added support. Suitable for any distance, especially the marathon. .
Sizes: 4-12, 13.

Alfresco 2: $85 trail .
The Alfresco is one of five trail shoes offered by Adidas. This updated model is built on a well-fitting last (narrow in the rearfoot, wider in the forefoot) and the upper extends higher to keep out scree and rocks from the trail. It also has a terrific traction outsole. The Alfresco has a water-resistant upper, a firmer density in the forefoot (added durability) and a much firmer midsole..
Sizes: (w) 5-11.

Converter: $65 racing .
A true minimalist shoe, only for the biomechanically efficient. It's most suitable for shorter road race distances and/or track races. Very light (7.5 oz.) .
Sizes: (unisex) 4-12, 13.

d' Fiant: $75 stability .
The d'Fiant has good medial support and excellent heel-to-toe transition for a smooth ride. It fits snugger in the heel and toebox than many Adidas shoes. Especially good shoe for faster runners who need some degree of stability. .
Sizes (w) 5-11, 12.

Equipment Roost: $110 trail .
The most specific trail shoe ever made -excellent traction. The Roost is ideal for running uphill on the balls of your feet on soft trails. It also has adequate stability with a two- density midsole (the second density is in the forefoot). Not for use on roads as the outsole will wear down too quickly..
Sizes: (w) 5-11.

Equipment Solution: $110 motion control .
The Solution is a stable, medially supportive, well-cushioned trainer. The Solution has plenty of support and yet it is a minimalistic control shoe, rather than bulky and awkward as many motion-control shoes are. .
Sizes: (w) 5-11.

Formula: $85 stability .
The Formula has an extra, firmer density in the forefoot. It is very supportive, durable trainer which is best suited for forefoot runners who need good cushioning and added medial support..
Sizes: (w) 5-11, 12.

Galaxy 3: $60 cushioning.
Not a lot of medial support but it does have the Torsion device for added support. The Galaxy has a well-cushioned, single-density EVA midsole, is fairly light (12.5 oz.) and has good durability.
Sizes: (w) 5-10, 11

Konstant: $95 motion control .
The Konstant is the best motion-control shoe Adidas has made. It is also very supportive with a full length medial post which stabilizes the foot from foot strike all the way through toe-off. .
Sizes: (w) 5-11, 12.

Ozweego 3: $75 cushioning.
The Ozweego 3 is a basic cushioned shoe from Adidas. With an improved, more stable midsole (two-density EVA) and the Torsion support system, it may be suited for the forefoot striker. .
Sizes: (w) 5-10, 11.

RaTS Racer: $85 racing .
The RaTS Racer is a well-cushioned racer. It's a smooth, 'fast' shoe which fits almost like a spike. The forefoot is where the action is. It has exceptional cushioning and surprising durability for a racer. It also has the Adidas Torsion support device. .
Sizes: (w) 5-11.

Response: $75 stability .
Support with a lightweight, cushioned Adidas ride, the Response is an excellent alternative. The Response is not suitable for runners with severe motion control problems. If you need just a little extra stability in a light trainer, the Response has it..
Sizes: (w) 5-10, 11, 12.

Response Trail: $80 trail .
The Response Trail has been one of the most popular trail shoes on the market since its introduction. It has a well-cushioned midsole with a rugged upper in an ``outdoor'' design that is durable enough for the demands of off-road running. The ride is smooth and cushioned enough if you want to run on the roads as well. This generation of the Response Trail has a better gripping outsole and a Torsion bar has been added for better stability..
Sizes: (w) 5-10, 11, 12.

Shimanto: $75 racing.
Most lightweight trainer/racers lack medial stability and midsole cushioning. The Shimanto doesn't. Although it's heavier than most conventional racing shoes (and suitable for training), it's more stable and supportive than most. An excellent marathon shoe. .
Sizes: 6.5-13.

Supernova: $85 stability .
An excellent stability shoe, the Supernova has a smooth ride and offers plenty of value. A winner in the Adidas line. This updated version is built on a new last with a more tapered midfoot and heel. The outsole is also new and has a blown-runner/carbon-rubber configuration. If you like the Asics 2030, you will love the Supernova..
Sizes: (w) 5-11, 12.

Terrain Light: $75 trail .
Built on a new, snugger-fitting last, the Terrain Light has better forefoot balance than earlier versions. Not an especially light shoe, but slightly lighter than the Response Trail..
Sizes: (w) 5-11, 12.

Universal: $85 cushioning .
The Universal has a medial post in the forefoot area for added durability. It is designed primarily for forefoot runners. The only differences are a broader-based rearfoot and forefoot (adding stability) and a better fitting last. .
Sizes: (w) 5-10, 11.

*Piedmont* .
Another Adidas shoe just ready to come out is the Piedmont. If you prefer the Asics 2030 or the new 2040, this Adidas shoe will surprise you! Side by side, it remembles the Asics shoes in appearance. Upon trying it on blindfolded, you will think that you are wearing the Asics shoe. It may not be in the stores as yet, we received a pair to use in marathon running.

Winmotion Comment
'Never buy unless on Sale' is our motto. It is smart once you determine your shoe, to always be on the watch for them when they are on sale. Then stock up..
I have 10 pairs of Muzuno running shoes in my closet that I bought on a closeout, and will use them up over the next three years.

Please check back in April for another Product Review.

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